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Entry #1

it begins

2009-08-13 14:22:27 by clockworklocust

basicaly i have only just started to use my newgrounds acount for art, i am hoping to post some flash in the future to until then enjoy my art and tell me what you think i will do my best to reply to all comments, any feed back on my work will be apreciated unless you are just going to criticise me for no paticular reason. anyway im looking forward to a bright future here on newgrounds


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2009-08-13 14:34:06

I reccommended you. When i submitt mine could you leave some constructive criticism.


2009-08-19 16:19:04

Dude, you have sick talent! Fuck all the Newgrounds "popular guys", you're the best in the "not-so-happy-bunnies" category, I can already tell. And If you ever need some shitty dark ambient/noise for your projects, I'm on it (COMPLETELY FREE, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!).