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finaly new ideas are happening again, so hopefuly i will be able to post stuff more offten and get scouted maby, also im thinking about making some sort of comic series in the future until then enjoy spider head.

my brain had a spasm and this happend

artists block

2009-08-29 20:52:17 by clockworklocust

sorry to my very few fans but i dont seem to have any motivation to draw lately wich is realy annoying because i had some good ideas i just cant motivate myself to draw them so unfortunatly i probably wont make any new posts for a while, altho i do have some fun pics planned or half drawn out.

it begins

2009-08-13 14:22:27 by clockworklocust

basicaly i have only just started to use my newgrounds acount for art, i am hoping to post some flash in the future to until then enjoy my art and tell me what you think i will do my best to reply to all comments, any feed back on my work will be apreciated unless you are just going to criticise me for no paticular reason. anyway im looking forward to a bright future here on newgrounds